Heroes or villains ?

Anahy Gonzalez

Imagine a world where your heroes are unable to combat the villains so the villains start to become more powerful than the heroes themselves. What kind of world would this be if what we label our heroes, the police, no longer can defend us because they are not prepared or equipped enough to put a stop to the crimes. Well this is what happened a while back in the United States. We were not ready nor prepared enough and so we suffered many tragic events such as the Hollywood shooting  in which we lost to the bad guys. Many lives and souls were lost those days and all because of the lack of everything.

To begin, protest and arguments against police officers is what is going on in our society right now. What is it that has led to this? Well it is that many argue that now a days police officers carry to much equipment that is not needed. They argue that most officers do not use the equipment the right way, and that instead of this bringing good it brings bad. Well, wrong because being well equipped is good. It is better to be safe than sorry.

In addition, with what is been argue officers should be well armed because this protects them . In cases such as the North Hollywood shooting we got to experience of an incident where many officers got injured because of the lack of weapons. What happened here was that two thieves went in and attempted to rob a Bank of America, one of the busiest ones in Hollywood at approximately 9:30 am. The thieves were Larry Phillips, Jr. and Emil Mătăsăreanu, they carried AKMs and HK-91 rifles, and  wore body armor to protect themselves. “Arriving outside were patrol and detective units, along with a SWAT team that had been on an exercise run. The SWAT officers were wearing running shoes and shorts under their body armor”(LA Magazine). These officers carried 9mms compared to those that the robbers carried.

Larry Phillips, Jr(left). and Emil Mătăsăreanu,(right)

It was 44 tragic minutes were the thieves and police officers were shooting back and forth causing more than 8 officers to become injured. The thieves had the advantage because of their guns and so the police had to do something against this. “Police raided a weapons store for more powerful guns” (Hollywood shooting). “Even military rifle (M16/AR-15) was ineffective”( Hollywood shooting). In other words, the police officers  were not  prepared for what was going on.  They did not  have the right weapons for it.According to a police  one quest ,”those who believe that American law enforcement has become “militarized” should educate themselves about court rulings and laws passed during the past 10 years regarding citizens’ rights to carry firearms in public, use force to protect themselves and their property, and be free from police searches of their homes, vehicles, and persons” .What this is saying is to not start saying that they do not deserve it or things of that nature.

This is where the Dod 1033 comes in place. The Dod 1033 also known as the department of defense excess property program is our supplier. The Dod 1033  is what supplies the officers and others form of authorities with the army /military equipment.The DoD 1033 provided this equipment to secure the police against any terrorist attacks and narcotics. Jazz Shaw mentioned in his article that “militarization” of police was not only inevitable, but necessary”. What Jazz meant by this was that the police officers needed this equipment one way or another.

Now many may argue that “the militarization of law enforcement is counter-productive to domestic policing(tweeted Exum). Police are becoming much more aggressive because of this.  Even though this sounds convincing  people  should not be convinced. Police officers are doing their job. They need this military equipment to keep themselves protected against the crime in the world. If they are not the ones sticking up for us then who is?

In addition, many argue that the Ferguson incident was a perfect example of the corruption and cruelty of the police. The Ferguson incident was based on an officer shooting a colored kid, causing his death.Now before you are quick to judge and start saying that it is cruel learn your facts and investigate.First, no one gets shot by an officer for not doing anything. Secondly, if you search  this kid up in the internet you will encounter a video where this kid is physically abusing a guy for no reason so he earn it.This kid probably acted against the officer and so all the officer did was protect himself, self defense.

In conclusion, we need our heroes(the police) well equipped so that we can be safe. They carry military equipment to protect the citizens.So remember do not be to quick to judge them because some people are just basing themselves on what others are saying. Instead of whining, you guys should support them.

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