Heroes or villains ?

Anahy Gonzalez

Imagine a world where your heroes are unable to combat the villains so the villains start to become more powerful than the heroes themselves. What kind of world would this be if what we label our heroes, the police, no longer can defend us because they are not prepared or equipped enough to put a stop to the crimes. Well this is what happened a while back in the United States. We were not ready nor prepared enough and so we suffered many tragic events such as the Hollywood shooting  in which we lost to the bad guys. Many lives and souls were lost those days and all because of the lack of everything.

To begin, protest and arguments against police officers is what is going on in our society right now. What is it that has led to this? Well it is that many argue that now a days police officers carry to much equipment that is not needed. They argue that most officers do not use the equipment the right way, and that instead of this bringing good it brings bad. Well, wrong because being well equipped is good. It is better to be safe than sorry.

In addition, with what is been argue officers should be well armed because this protects them . In cases such as the North Hollywood shooting we got to experience of an incident where many officers got injured because of the lack of weapons. What happened here was that two thieves went in and attempted to rob a Bank of America, one of the busiest ones in Hollywood at approximately 9:30 am. The thieves were Larry Phillips, Jr. and Emil Mătăsăreanu, they carried AKMs and HK-91 rifles, and  wore body armor to protect themselves. “Arriving outside were patrol and detective units, along with a SWAT team that had been on an exercise run. The SWAT officers were wearing running shoes and shorts under their body armor”(LA Magazine). These officers carried 9mms compared to those that the robbers carried.

Larry Phillips, Jr(left). and Emil Mătăsăreanu,(right)

It was 44 tragic minutes were the thieves and police officers were shooting back and forth causing more than 8 officers to become injured. The thieves had the advantage because of their guns and so the police had to do something against this. “Police raided a weapons store for more powerful guns” (Hollywood shooting). “Even military rifle (M16/AR-15) was ineffective”( Hollywood shooting). In other words, the police officers  were not  prepared for what was going on.  They did not  have the right weapons for it.According to a police  one quest ,”those who believe that American law enforcement has become “militarized” should educate themselves about court rulings and laws passed during the past 10 years regarding citizens’ rights to carry firearms in public, use force to protect themselves and their property, and be free from police searches of their homes, vehicles, and persons” .What this is saying is to not start saying that they do not deserve it or things of that nature.

This is where the Dod 1033 comes in place. The Dod 1033 also known as the department of defense excess property program is our supplier. The Dod 1033  is what supplies the officers and others form of authorities with the army /military equipment.The DoD 1033 provided this equipment to secure the police against any terrorist attacks and narcotics. Jazz Shaw mentioned in his article that “militarization” of police was not only inevitable, but necessary”. What Jazz meant by this was that the police officers needed this equipment one way or another.

Now many may argue that “the militarization of law enforcement is counter-productive to domestic policing(tweeted Exum). Police are becoming much more aggressive because of this.  Even though this sounds convincing  people  should not be convinced. Police officers are doing their job. They need this military equipment to keep themselves protected against the crime in the world. If they are not the ones sticking up for us then who is?

In addition, many argue that the Ferguson incident was a perfect example of the corruption and cruelty of the police. The Ferguson incident was based on an officer shooting a colored kid, causing his death.Now before you are quick to judge and start saying that it is cruel learn your facts and investigate.First, no one gets shot by an officer for not doing anything. Secondly, if you search  this kid up in the internet you will encounter a video where this kid is physically abusing a guy for no reason so he earn it.This kid probably acted against the officer and so all the officer did was protect himself, self defense.

In conclusion, we need our heroes(the police) well equipped so that we can be safe. They carry military equipment to protect the citizens.So remember do not be to quick to judge them because some people are just basing themselves on what others are saying. Instead of whining, you guys should support them.

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Hello world!

Anahy Gonzalez

The Thunder In The Sunny Day

Do not let it rain, live to the fullest and enjoy your life. Do not be stuck behind a computer screen or a phone leave technology aside,and take an act to plead for the love of life.  If you do not want to listen to me then watch the video Look Up by Gary Turk. In this short film you will learn about what life would be like if you look up from your phone. As well as what you are missing out by being  glued to your phone and how this know as technology affects you. Your destiny is at place and so is your safety . So what are you going to do? Hog your phone, leave it down, what will it be?


In the film Look Up by Gary Turk, Gary argues that you miss many life living opportunities for been stuck  on your phone , you should leave it down for at least a second and see what you are missing out on. “This media we call social is anything but when we open our computers and it’s our doors we shut” (Turk).  Media isolates you and leaves you alone. He is right we don’t notice our surroundings for being stuck on our phones. We experience a special event not by our eyes but with our phones. Why, because immediately when something happens instead of enjoying the moment we have to share it online with others.

We do not socialize anymore.  When you feel alone you immediately head for your phone and instead of talking in person you send them a text.  Is it because “no one wants to talk for the fear of looking insane’’(Turk). Or is it because we fear that if we look in to each others eyes as we speak our values will go away. Hanging out and chilling with your friends having conversations face to face is no longer a thing because now we just send group texts.  Why is that we have come to this. It is all because we prefer technology over anything. Technology has brought us to this so like Gary Turk states, “when you’re in public and you start to feel alone, put your hands behind your head, step away from the phone, you don’t need to stare at your menu or at your contact list, just talk to one another, learn to co-exist”. In other words when you feel alone do not go straight to your phone instead relax and talk to people face to face.


Technology is the cause of why we are labeled as narcissist . Not only is technology  responsible for this but so is the way in which we use technology like social medias.  Which was a point given by Elanor Payson when she claims that “ Social media gives narcissists the opportunity to gain the superficial attention they may crave and an easy way to manipulate their image”. In other words social media makes us more narcissist in the way that it helps us create the person we desire others to see us as. Yet some may argue like researcher Shawn Bergman that, “There is a significant amount of psychological research that shows that one’s personality is fairly well-established by age 7,” given that Facebook’s policy doesn’t allow users to register until age 13 “the personality traits of typical users are fairly well-ingrained by the time they get on a social network.”  Meaning that in most social medias you are not allowed to join until you are  thirteen so you are already  narcissist even before you join. Wrong! This is because even though at  some point it is true that we are born being narcissist social medias especially facebook enhance and support our narcissism.Social media helps us create a self image that we are not.


By being  glued to your phone you are losing  the opportunity of being someone smart, of being someone in life. Technology takes time away from school and work so you are becoming a nobody. If  you spend all your time stuck using a device you are failing your responsibilities as a student and as a worker. Leading you to no good and leading you to get fired like it is happening to many workers around the world. “And every day, every single day, I read news that makes me cringe, like a $15 fine to kids in Texas, for using, every time they take out their mobile phone in school.  Immediate dismissal to bus drivers in New York, if seen with a mobile phone in a hand” said Stefana Broadbent. Now do you want this to happen to you, because let me tell you at the rate we are going our government may even start firing us too. Why, because we use our phone in excess  when we are not supposed to.


Using technology in a daily basis makes us dumber and worthless. Studies show that “not only that we’re dumber when we do this (an average of 10 IQ points dumber – that’s the same as pulling an all-nighter.), but that we’re also 40% less efficient at whatever it is we’re doing” (Kraus, Sec. 1).  Now after reading this I ask you do you want to be dumber? I think no one does,  if no one wants to be dumb then why do we spend long hours using devices that all that do is kill our brain cells and leave us blind. Yes again you probably have a comeback for this argument that no technology makes us smart and that it all depends the way you use it and that “ it all depends upon your own time and tolerance,” (gigaom). Yet you tell me how many people actually use it the right way. In fact I can tell you from the tip of my head that out of a 100 people only 10 use it for actual research while the others 90 use it for social medias. So yet again it is proven that technology makes you dumb. Maybe thats why many use technology to communicate instead of actual face to face conversations, because one is to afraid to actually show the ignorance technology has left them.


The number one source for the disappearance of over millions of kids and our number one culprit is technology. Yes I have a comeback too, to all those remarks that you guys are thinking of . Like that said by Stefana Broadbent when she said that technology is good because it gives the chance for “a mother who, at four o’clock, suddenly manages to find a corner in the toilet to check that her children are safely home”.She said it gives working mothers the chance to check if their children are safe home but are they actually safe ? I believe not because in most houses children are exposed to technology which contain internet that leads them to joining social medias such as facebook and meeting strangers. These can be strangers that will kidnap them and your kids will no longer be safe. Now moms think about it are you children  safe with something you say gives you the satisfactory to check on your children. Technology  has one pro which is letting you speak to your kids and many cons which are opening doors to strangers and other dangerous things.


In conclusion you are  letting technology rain in your life and it is bringing you many bad consequences. So do not continue to be stuck behind a computer screen or a phone. Let technology go and do something with your life .You probably watched the short film Look Up by Gary Turk by now so listen to it and put a stop. Your missing out on a lot  and risking many thing such as your brain cells  just because you’re  deciding to be glued to your phone. If you’re  a mom think about what I told you about your children. Do you want them safe or kidnapped. Remember everything is up to you so you choose just remember what was said.

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